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Above & Beyond Customer Service

My Above & Beyond Customer Service is designed with you, my customer in mind. It's all about giving you the best possible online shopping experience!

Orders Ship in 24-48 Hours
I strive to ship every order within 24-48 hours of receiving it. This often means that your order will be sent out the same day you placed it. A few exceptions: Holidays, Weekends and Family Vacations and Emergencies. In the case of Family Vacations or Emergencies a note will be placed prominently on the website to let you know when I will be shipping the orders placed during my absence.

Only High Quality Quilter's Cottons

I'm a quilter just like you and I only carry High Quality and Premium Quality Quilter's Cottons that you and I want to use in our quilts and projects. I carry the high quality fabric that will hold up to being loved and used and passed down to coming generations. 

Virtual Design Wall

As a part of my website i have available to you a Virtual Design Wall where you can place fabrics that you like and compare designs and colors to your hearts content. To access the Design Wall click on a fabric yardage and just below the quantity you'll find a link to place that fabric on the design wall. Go to each fabric you would like to compare and add each one individually. You can then click and drag those samples around as much as you would like, delete the ones you don't want and even place your order directly from the Design Wall.

Color Matching Assistance

I am happy to help you match colors for your project. I'm also happy to send you a sample of the fabrics you are interested in or if you prefer you can send me a swatch of the fabric you are matching and I can match it here in the shop. Message me through the Contact page to make arrangements for this service.

Above & Beyond Customer Service.
I strive to go above and beyond your expectations to serve you and give you the best possible shopping experience. I consider you a friend and I want to do everything within my power to help you as you shop and yes, even as you quilt and sew. No matter how simple or how complicated your question or concern, I will strive to answer every question and serve you in every possible way.

Do you have questions about the fabrics I carry, repeats, size of designs, need to see more detailed photos? I'm happy help with that!

Not sure about placing an online order, baffled about the online ordering process? I'll help with that! Just give me a call at 540-356-0532 Monday - Friday 9 AM -5 PM EST.

Questions about a pattern or your project? I'll help with that!
Want to place a custom order with odd cuts? I'll help with that!
Want to order more of a fabric than we have in stock? If the manufacturer still carries the fabric I will order more!
Want to verify that something is what you think it is or expect it to be? I am thrilled to hear from you!
I double and triple check your order for accuracy before lovingly packaging your fabric and sending it on it's way to you.
How can I help you? I'll do that!

Satisfaction Guaranteed
I want you to be happy with what you have ordered and strive to make sure that you are as satisfied as possible. If for any reason you are not happy with your order i want to make it right. If something in your order isn't what you expect, is damaged or my service isn't 100% what you expect I want to hear from you!

I am committed to meeting and exceeding your highest expectations with Above and Beyond Customer Service. I strive to give you the most Satisfying Online Shopping Experience possible. I look forward to serving you!

Happy Stitching & God Bless,
Marcia King Shop Owner