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Basting Bundle - 100 Pinmoor Anchors & 100 Straight Pins - Various Colors


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Kit includes:
100 Ct. PKG. of Pinmoors (Color Varies)
100 Ct. PKG of Flat Head Flower Pins
Pinmoors are a simple silicone cylinder used to hold straight pins when anchoring a quilt sandwich.
Simply slide a straight pen into your quilt layers, poke the tip of the pin into the pinmoor and the pin is there to stay until the pinmoor is removed.

Pinmoor Uses & Advantages:
* Use in place of safety pins to anchor your quilt sandwich.
* Number flower head pins to use with a Pinmoor to keep track of rows while piecing.
* Use Pinmoors to keep sewing needles from getting lost in pincushions.
* Use Pinmoor to hold doll parts in place while sewing.
* Your pins will not leave the same holes in your fabric like safety pins do.
* Pinmoors are more ergonomic to use, they cause little to no pain in hands as compared to safety pins.
* Pinmoors are easily removed while quilting.
*Pinmoors are non-toxic and self-healing. They are a one time purchase, they last indefinitely.